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A global pioneer in National Transplant Management Software Systems and diverse eHealth solutions.



  • Organ & Tissue Transplant Information System (TIS)
  • Matching Run Algorithm for Transplantation
  • The Brains for Dementia Research – Comprehensive Assessment Database (BDR-CAD)
  • Dialysis Healthcare System
  • Laboratory & Screening Tests Database
  • National Registries & Statistical Reports




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Artman Technologies s.r.o.
Established in 1991.

Artman Technologies s.r.o. is a pioneer in the field of healthcare information management systems. For over 30 years it has developed and enhanced eHealth solutions in the areas of organ transplantation and donation, national healthcare registries, and bespoke healthcare institutional management systems. Artman Technologies has worked closely with medical professionals and researchers to complete over 571 successful software implementations.

What we offer…

We are committed to providing bespoke software solutions. Our aim is to save lives, improve the quality of life and ensure our products enhance healthcare equality and fairness for all people. We offer completed functional applications as well as the option to develop new innovative systems customised to client’s needs.

National Transplant Information Systems

Brains for Dementia Research – Comprehensive Assessment Database / BDR-CAD


“Absolute accuracy of data is of paramount importance to our work and the design of the applications ensures that this objective is achieved.”

Andy Maxwell

Data Executive Manager, Blood and Transplant NHS, UK

“Applications are designed to ensure that the management has complete control over all aspects of the validation process.”

David Shute

Director of Operations, Blood and Transplant NHS, UK

“The fastest Matching Run I have seen so far. Impressive performance.”

Sue Falvey

Duty Office Manager, Blood and Transplant NHS, UK

“Applications are extremely user friendly and remarkably stable for a complex system.”

Saifi Hashmi

Head of Information Technology, Blood and Transplant NH, UK

“Stable and quick. user friendly application forms. Easy modification for the different user requirements. Slovakia Transplant is online!.”

Daniel Kuba

Head of Slovak Center for Organ and Tissue Transplantations, SK

“Highly professional and skilled personnel. They are always prepared to help, give some piece of advice or react in the most appropriate and flexible way.”

Danica Avsec

Director of Slovenija Transplant, SI, Slovenija Transplant, SI

“As a National authority for processing and storing database of all authorized tissue establishments in Slovenia, we are extremely impressed and satisfied with the solution that Artman Technologies has delivered”

Gorazd Cebulc

Technical Advisor, SI

“I can confirm that we have worked for a number of years with Artman Technologies. Our first interactions were with them where they worked for us as a pilot site to develop a prototype bespoke software application and database (BDR-CAD) to support a long-term prospective research study in relation to dementia. ” More info

Patrick Kehoe

Professor in Translational Dementia Researc, University of Bristol



22th Oct 2020 – 31st March 2022

The new 2 years contract between Artman Technologies  (represented by HST) and Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation SCOT / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been signed on 22nd Oct 2020.

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15th Oct 2018 – 29th Sept 2021

The new 3 years Service and Maintenance contract Brains for Dementia Research, Comprehensive Assessment Database / BDR-CAD has been signed with University of Bristol / UoB, UK. read more

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