Past Projects

AmbulanciaTM(Slovak for “doctor’s office”) is a line of software products for private medical practices, including general practicioners and 14 various specialities. It is geared towards the Slovak system of healthcare and insurance, helping doctors and nurses with common administrative tasks. Hardware requirements for Ambulancia are very low and practically all PCs in use today are fully capable of running it. The only special requirement is a printer able to print to non-standard paper sizes.

Key features
  • keeping of patient records
  • processing of insurance data
  • accounting
  • reservations
  • network capability
  • A simple, straightforward user interface
  • The program is driven by menus, tables and forms
  • Controls are simple, logical and intuitive
  • Data entry is choice-based and greatly simplified
  • The program uses medical terminology and avoids technical details
  • Forms and reports match widely used paper-based equivalents
  • The environment is fully customizable

ArtNISTM is Artman’s hospital information system. It uses a modular architecture based on the AmbulanciaTM software to help with the day-to-day operations of any hospital.

ArtNISTM 2005 was a new version of the system with many new features and much improved convenience for both doctors and hospital management. In 2006 ArtNISTM released as a fully web-based, open architecture. A Slovak-language PowerPoint presentation is available which outlines the system’s capabilities.

Assistance to doctors at various medical care units
  • keeping records of patients and work performed
  • tracking of stocks of various items
  • printing of prescriptions and other documentation
  • other functions found in AmbulanciaTM
    Assistance to hospital administrators
    • processing data from individual units, including those with overnight patients
    • preparation of all necessary records for insurance companies
    • preparation of various reports from aggregate data
    • central backups
    Other features
    • protection of data from unauthorised access
    • modular architecture which optimises investments
    • adaptation to changes in legislation

    ArtLISTM is Artman Technologies’ laboratory information system. 

    Key features
    • automates all activities in a laboratory
      • accepting samples
      • processing samples in analysers
      • printing the results of tests
      • keeping records of tests and their results
    • co-operates with smart analysers
      • automatically collects and processes test results from the analyser
      • co-operates with all commonly used analysers
      • Artman Technologies develops driver software for each new type
    • can be adapted to your working conditions
      • all parametres of the individual tests can be adjusted
      • new types of tests and new parametres can be added
    Modular architecture
    • Central Reception
    • Hematology
    • Hemostaseology
    • Biochemistry
    • HLA
    • Radio-isotopes
    • Quality Control
    • Administration
    • Supervisor LIS

    Check out our:

    ArtLISTM Sample Input Map– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Sample Results Map– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Sample Synchron Interface– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Sample Array Interface– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Sample Hemacell Interface– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Sample Immulite Interface– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Sample SuperG Interface– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Detailed Input Manual– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Detailed Result Manual– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Print Generator– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Online Insurance Generator Modul– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtLISTM Manegerial Statistical Modul– PDF format – Slovak version

    ArtFCSTM is a system for managing software development that is used internally at Artman Technologies but also available for outside licensees. 

    Key features
    • Based around the concept of user feedback tracking
      • each feedback item is stored in a database
      • each feedback record carries basic information (originator, date, description, owner, modules affected)
      • different priorities can be set for individual feedback items
      • histories of all items are recorded and can be reviewed
    • Supports teamwork
      • keeps track of various users – developers, customers, testers etc.
      • a feedback item is always owned by a user
      • a feedback item can be passed on between team members
    • Based on open standards
      • ArtFCSTM is implemented as a distributed application accessed through a web browser
      • the user interface consists of HTML forms
    • Integrated with Oracle
      • all data is stored in an Oracle database
      • supports compilation of PL/SQL modules