National Transplant Information Systems delivered for:


2018 Saudi Arabia KSA, Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation SCOT, Information System – National Transplant Registry   
2016 EU, European Commission EC, Eurocet128, Single European Coding System SEC provided to Member States for Tissues and Cells  
2014 EU, European Commission EC, Eurocet, Database & Portal covering
– different aspects of Organ, Cell and Tissue donation in Europe
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2012 EU, European Commission EC, Eurodonor, A Central European Repository dedicated to Organ Donation and Transplant Activity more info…
2010, Slovenia SI, Slovenia Transplant ST, National Transplant System for Tissues and Cells  
2007, Slovakia SK, National Transplant Organisation NTO, National Transplant System for Organs, Tissues and Cells  
2005, Holland, Eurotransplant ET, IT Consultants for National Transplant System (Be, Nl, D, A, SI, Cr)  
2003, Belgium, Donor Action DA,
– program, which helps hospital staff, administrators and transplant coordinators identify and address opportunities for improvement in their organ donation procedures.
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2000, United Kingdom and Ireland UK & I, National Health Service – Blood & Transplant NHS BT, National Transplant Database NTxD more info…


The Brains for Dementia Research – Comprehensive Assessment Database / BDR-CAD:


2018, United Kingdom, Kings University London  
2017, United Kingdom, Manchester University  
2017, United Kingdom, New Castle University  
2015, United Kingdom, Cardiff University  
2013, United Kingdom, University of Bristol  


Other eHealth systems:


2011, United Kingdom, Oxford University, International Medical Evaluation Credit System IMECS more info…
1997, Slovak Laboratory Information System    
1996, National Rehabilitation Center Kovacova  
1995, Slovak National Oil Refinery Hospitals Information System    
1994, Baby Hospital Koch Sanatorium Information Systems  
1993, Ambulant Systems – 24 types    
1992, National Labs Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, South Africa – Red Cell Antibody Identification Software System RCAISS    
1992, Mathematical model of the Liver functionality in time and frequency spectrum, Japan    
Nov. 1991, Artman Technologies founded