Organ donation and transplantation is a field where exchange of information and experience is crucial. A number of organ procurement organisations (OPOs) from around Europe, along with interested private companies, have therefore approached the European Commission in 2003 with a proposal for the Eurodonor project. The aim was to create a central repository of reliable, up-to-date information on organ donation and transplant activities in participating countries.

Having gained the Commission’s support, the project was successfully implemented and the Eurodonor website now serves the general public as well as the healthcare community. Artman Technologies’ role as one of the project’s technological partners included participation in the design of data formats used for submitting information into the repository, as well as helping some OPOs establish the necessary communication infrastructure. All of this was done in close cooperation with Donor Action, UK Transplant and the Italian company Finsiel which coordinated the relevant aspects of the project.

Eurodonor has received favourable reviews from the European Commission and a similar project concerned with tissue donation is now being considered.