Artman Technologies has a track record of developing high-quality software products for the healthcare industry. Past projects include tailored private medical practices covering 14 different medical specialities and laboratory information systems.  For a full history, please visit our Past Projects page.

Artman Technologies has leveraged its extensive experience in the healthcare industry and now offers cutting-edge software solutions for transplantation services and research; the National Transplant Information System and Brains for Dementia Research application. Within these there are multiple modules which can be used separately or in one system. The applications can be customised and adapted for each client.

National Transplant Information System

The National Transplant System is a modular architecture which has been designed to streamline the transplantation process at national levels.

Brains for Dementia Research

Regular assessments are conducted to study dementia by monitoring the memory, thinking, and behaviour of patients throughout their later life.