About Artman Technologues

Pioneers in the field of national healthcare information & management systems.

Artman Technologies s.r.o. was established in 1992 providing healthcare information management systems. By 2000 the company expanded to international clients and completed the first web-based National Transplant Database and System for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Artman Technologies continues working in close co-operation with professionals from organ procurement organisations, transplant centres, tissue and cells banks, research banks, HLA labs, donor hospitals, follow up centres, universities, ministries of health and special healthcare authorities. Each product is therefore customised to the client’s specification; generating top quality current systems. The system today connects over 1500 hospitals into a National Transplant Network.

Additionally, we have been developing and enhancing eHealth solutions for Organ, Tissue & Cells Transplantations for National Transplant Authorities. The application is currently capable of processing, procuring and transplanting 8 main organs, 84 different tissue types and 4634 tissue products. Artman Technologies also offers on of the the fastest integrated Matching Runs, matching recipients and donors fairly according to global standards.




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