Statistics Module


The National Transplant System collects all the data from forms and processes, which is then extracted and statistics are generated. This includes charts on:

  • Recipients
  • Donors
  • Dialysis patients
  • Transplantation
  • Waiting lists
  • Survival

These charts include information on the patient records, organs and transplantation details. Organ transplantation data is displayed in various formats, such as tables, charts, and graphs. To ensure that the data is accessible and up-to-date, the statistics show live data on the web-based application. The users can then filter the data by different criteria, such as organ type, region, and time period. This allows government agencies, healthcare providers, researchers, and other stakeholders to monitor the performance of transplant programs, identify areas for improvement, and make policy decisions. The information can also help identify trends, patterns, and other valuable insights that can be used to improve the overall effectiveness of the transplantation process.