The Donor Action Foundation‘s main goal is to alleviate the global organ shortage that hampers transplantation programmes around the world. At present, the core of this effort is the Donor Action Programme which helps hospital staff, administrators and transplant coordinators identify and address opportunities for improvement in their organ donation procedures.

An integral part of the Programme is its comprehensive data gathering and evaluation process. Artman Technologies was charged with automating this process for maximum efficiency and user-friendlyness. We have created a comprehensive web-based application that includes data gathering, reporting, administrative functions and even facilitates comfortable localisation of its own user interface into other languages (since Donor Action’s activities have worldwide scope). The software is being used daily by users from hundreds of hospitals around the world.

Our services for Donor Action include administration of the servers where the application runs, as well as maintenance of its database. Work on the application itself continues as the amount of collected data grows, opening new possibilities for analysis and interpretation.