ArtFCSTM is a system for managing software development that is used internally at Artman Technologies but also available for outside licensees. Its main features:


  • basedaround the concept of user feedback tracking
    • each feedback item is stored in a database
    • each feedback record carries basic information (originator, date, description, owner, modules affected)
    • different priorities can be set for individual feedback items
    • histories of all items are recorded and can be reviewed
  • supports teamwork
    • keeps track of various users – developers, customers, testers etc.
    • a feedback item is always owned by a user
    • a feedback item can be passed on between team members
  • based on open standards
    • ArtFCSTM is implemented as a distributed application accessed through a web browser
    • the user interface consists of HTML forms
  • integrated with Oracle
    • all data is stored in an Oracle database
    • supports compilation of PL/SQL modules