ArtNISTM is Artman’s hospital information system. It uses a modular architecture based on the AmbulanciaTM software to help with the day-to-day operations of any hospital. Its features include:

  • assistance to doctors at various medical care units:
    • keeping records of patients and work performed
    • tracking of stocks of various items
    • printing of prescriptions and other documentation
    • other functions found in AmbulanciaTM
  • assistance to hospital administrators:
    • processing data from individual units, including those with overnight patients
    • preparation of all necessary records for insurance companies
    • preparation of various reports from aggregate data
    • central backups
  • other features:
    • protection of data from unauthorised access
    • modular architecture which optimises investments
    • adaptation to changes in legislation

Work has started in 2004 to transform ArtNISTM into a fully web-based, open architecture. ArtNISTM 2005 is a new version of the system with many new features and much improved convenience for both doctors and hospital management. It is due for release in Q1 2006. A Slovak-language PowerPoint presentation is available which outlines the system’s capabilities.