Organ & Tissue Donation

  • Generates National Donor IDs & collects details into Donor Forms
  • Executes an Allocation Procedure for Tissues and Organs
  • Links Donor, Tissues & Organs with Tissue/Eye Banks and Transplant Centers online
  • T-off patients from the Organ Waiting Lists and Tissue Request Lists (El. Diary) and generates National Transplant IDs
  • Generates Recipient IDs nationally & collects details into Tissue & Organ Recipient Forms
  • Proposes national bar coding system for Tissues

Data Collection

  • Deals with more than 38 organ and tissue transplant forms online
  • Registers and maintains patients on a Organ Waiting Lists and Tissue Request List (El. Diary)
  • Collects Tissue Registration, Transplant & Follow up forms
  • Auto-notification of FUP centers (reminds doctors to bring their patients to FUP automatically/ monthly trigger)
  • It’s a module responsible for the quality and validation process of the National Transplant Database
  • s the follow ups and transplant forms online

HLA Labs

  • HLA type entry for donors & recipients
  • HLA type validation
  • Pre-types, retypes and definitive HLA types register
  • HLA reports & statistics
  • HLA discrepancy recognition
  • Online communication with external tissue typing laboratories


Main national stats reports:

  • National Transplant Waiting Lists
  • Cadaveric Solid Organ Donors
  • Tissue Donors
  • Transplants Performed Nationally
  • Active National Transplant Waiting Lists
  • Transplants From Cadaveric/Live Donors
  • etc.

Eye & Tissue Banks

  • Maintains tissues currently stored in banks, its expiry dates, its expedition, etc
  • Allocates an ophthalmic organs and tissues (see Tissue Transplant Forms)
  • Collects tissues/cells specific forms
  • Uses already generated National IDs (Case id, Donor id, Recipient id, Request id, Transplant id, Tissue id)
  • Shares Electronic Diary & Tissue requests between OPO, Eye & Tissue banks & external users online
  • Maintains an unused tissues, etc

Ext User App

  • Provides a center specific Tissue Request Lists and Organ Waiting Lists for authorized external users
  • Checks tissue recipient & organ patient status online (active, rejected, suspended, removed, transplanted, died)
  • Provides online statistics (BOE, tissue summary, donor summary, transplant summary, etc)
  • Registers a new patients online
  • Provides HLA types and Labs details online
  • Controls the follow ups and transplant forms online